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Republican senators whose states benefit the most from the abandoned mine funds in particular, Wyoming’s Mike Enzi have also been among Thanks the most stalwart opponents of that effort. to this point, the Moulitsas argument seems to make sense: These powerful Republicans want to end the benefits. In an interview, a spokesperson for Enzi said that the senator objected to bailing out coal miners because it would put the government on the hook to rescue other failing pension plans. And this is the argument that other Republicans have used, citing a Heritage Foundation report on the issue: that rescuing the miners’ pensions would create massive new expectations for federal support of private companies’ busted benefits packages. The catch is that this is not an argument most Republicans in coal country have tended to make. Most coal country cheers Republicans support the benefits package A closer look at which Republicans are being elected shows the problem with Moulitsas’s analysis. In fact, most Republicans in coal country are publicly supportive of the bill. In September, for instance, the Miners Protection Act cleared the finance committee by an 18-to-8 vote. With the exception of Indiana Sen. Dan most valuable Coats who is not running for reelection the Republicans who opposed the committee form of the bill do not face health related sites political pressure from coal miners. They were Chuck Grassley (Iowa), Enzi (Wyoming), John Cornyn (Texas), John Thune (South Dakota), Johnny Isakson (Georgia), Dean Heller (Nevada), and Tim Scott (South Carolina).

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